Spring: A Time for Growth

digital collage by me

💐 Ostara is upon us! Happy Spring Equinox. Our wintry time of rest and introspection has come to an end —for now anyway. 

🌳 I chose Tree Pose, or Vrikshasana, to feature in my digital Spring collage (pictured above). Tree Pose is a centering & empowering asana. It will help ground you in preparation for new beginnings and change.

It is also a balance pose: The Spring Equinox is one of the two times a year that light and dark (day and night) are perfectly balanced. 

💨 When in tree pose, try swaying slightly like a tree would in the wind. Trees that sway are more likely to stay upright than stiff, resistant trees.

How can you apply this Tree wisdom to your life circumstances?

🎨 Go start that house project, or finish that song or painting you’ve been putting off. Whatever is is, use Spring’s ever-growing, warm, sunshiny energy to accomplish your dreams. 

🐌 And if it’s in your nature to live more slowly (like me), remember that slow progress is still progress! 

Slow progress gets shit done… Eventually.

With love & gratitude,

💬 Tell me: What is your favorite variation of Tree Pose? Hands in prayer or branched out wide? Foot by the ankle or high above the knee? How does Tree Pose make you feel?

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