Winter: A Time of Rest

Ah, Winter… ❄️ Nature’s time of rest in preparation for Spring light.

Life, cycled.

To perform and create at our best, rest is nonnegotiable.

I created a digital collage for Winter, and I chose to include Child’s Pose due to its submissive, calming, relaxing effect. 😌

{art by me, made on Procreate for iPad}

It’s interesting to me that the New Year is considered to be the ideal time for big changes. Everyone starts imagining themselves as a different, “better” version of themselves. And that’s excellent! But considering when New Year falls, at the start of winter, it isn’t exactly the primary time to start anew (in my humble opinion).

Instead, take the whole of winter to rest and be introspective, which is especially needed after the selfless hurricane of the December holidays.

Then, come Spring, it will be the absolute perfect time to change, grow, evolve…

I think it’s better to work with Nature, not against It. 😉

With all of that said, however: It is never a bad time to make positive, impactful changes in our lives. If New Years works for you, go for it!

Thank you for being here.

With love & gratitude,

Comment below: What’s your favourite relaxing yoga pose?

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